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Bizzuka Editor Series | Adding Pages | Custom Forms | Photo Resizing | Components | Webinars

Bizzuka Editor Series - OnDeCC CMS
Overview of Editor
Adding Text
Adding Images
Creating Hyperlinks
Adding Pages: Components & Custom - OnDeCC CMS

Components Overview
Launching Components
Adding Custom Pages

Custom Form Generator - OnDeCC CMS
Audio / Video of How to Get Started with the Custom Forms ComponentAudio / Video of Creating Form Fields with Bizzuka's Custom Forms ComponentAudio / Video of How to Export Results from Bizzuka's Custom Forms Component
Part 1:Getting Started

Part 2:Creating Form Fields

Part 3:Options for Receiving Form Results

Photo / Image Resizing - OnDeCC CMS / SoundOff

Part 1:Why Should you Re-size and Properties of Photos
Part 2:FREE Picture Managers and Photo Dimensions
Part 3: Picture Manager - XnView

Components - OnDeCC CMS
Audio / Video of How to Use the Bizzuka Press Room Component
Photo Gallery
Events Calendar
Press Room
Audio/Video of Categorized Content ComponentThumbnail image - Using the Blog Component in the Bizzuka OnDeCC CMS

Categorized Content
Blog Component

Webinars - OnDeCC CMS
Audio / Video of How to Use Tables within the Bizzuka OnDeCC Editor
Tables: Creating & Editing Tables in the Editor
Videos: Adding Videos to Your Website
Permissions: Setting and changing Admins
Spotlights: Creating Featured Spotlights on Pages

Directory Components: Uses for and most Popular


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