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Security Enhancements Underway
12/1/2014 5:34:01 PM
We hope you enjoyed plenty of reflection and time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some key updates on the security issues we experienced last week:   
  1. A new server is currently being built and will be online by Wednesday. Once it’s ready, we will gradually migrate all sites from the compromised server to the new server. There should be no extended downtime. The only downtime will be for required restart of new server.   
  2. We are deploying extensive security enhancements to our other servers in order to minimize the risk of similar intrusions.   
  3. Given that these intrusion attempts are originating from China and various parts of Russia, we are currently blocking all international IP addresses from reaching our infrastructure. If you notice any overseas traffic having difficulty reaching your site, please let us know so we can identify legitimate traffic and open the necessary IP banks to that traffic.   
  4. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you and your administrative personnel change all access passwords to your website. Please make sure you use at least 9 characters, and include numbers, letters and special characters.

Our work to fully resolve this issue continues. Look for occasional status updates via email or subscribe to more frequent alerts via Thinbox.

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