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How Bizzuka is keeping your website secure from hackers
12/3/2014 2:09:58 PM
Here is the latest update on the coordinated attacks on our Web servers. We want to continue informing everyone of the situation, so that you are apprised of our tactics for keeping everyone running with minimal downtime.

We are pleased to say that we were able to thwart automated attacks on 5 of our 6 web servers. One server was not so lucky. Sometime late this evening, the new server should be ready for us to begin migrating sites to it from the compromised server.

As you’ll recall from previous status updates, we blocked all international traffic from our servers. These attacks originated in China and we’ve also seen attempts from Russia, the UK and parts of the Middle East; thus we found it safer and quicker to block as many foreign IP banks as possible.

After many hours of research and consulting with high-level security experts (one former cyber crimes specialist with the FBI), we learned that once an automated intrusion stops gaining access to the server for a few days, it moves on to an easier target.

That being said, we’ve already noticed a dramatic drop in attempts on one of the most attacked websites on our server. Our plan is to open up our servers to international traffic once again late this Friday evening. That will give us the entire weekend to determine if our automated attackers have moved on.

Meanwhile, we’ll start moving affected sites to the new server over the next 7 days. Only about 20% of our customers are on the server in question, so your site might not see any downtime at all during the switch. Those who will be part of the switch might notice downtime in the neighborhood of 5-10 minutes. We will be making these moves during low-traffic hours; so, don’t worry about downtime during peak traffic times.

As of now, we’re happy to report that fewer than 15 of our 750 customers have experienced cumulative downtime in excess of 1 hour during this trying time. Only one customer did we have to shut off completely for a period of 3 days just to chase the bad guys away from the server. It worked.

As stated in previous communications, please change your passwords and make sure to make them at least 8 characters mixed with numbers and special characters. This will not only keep your website safe, but will ensure the web servers respond quickly for all visitors.

Our work to fully resolve this issue continues. Look for occasional status updates via email or subscribe to more frequent alerts via Thinbox.

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