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Copying Content from Microsoft Word

The Bizzuka Editor is an html editor that properly formats lines of code and that code into great looking web pages. Unfortunately, Word documents have invisible characters embedded into them that can distort a web page and result in an undesired effect for your site if pasted directly (right click paste / CTRL+V) into Bizzuka Editor. That’s where the ‘paste from Word’ function steps in. It removes the pesky unseen coding from Word documents that can have a detrimental effect on your page.

(See 'Why Does Content Shift on a Page?' for more on issues resulting from bringing embedded Word code into the Bizzuka Editor)
You can find the 'Paste from Word' option under the Paste button in all of the 'Edit Content' sections on your site. This is the best way to preserve basic formatting (paragraph returns, bullet points) without transferring other invisible characters that could conflict with the HTML code of your site.
For instructions on how to use the 'Paste from Word' feature in the Bizzuka Builder, watch the tutorial video.


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