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OnDeCC Tips & Tricks
Acceptable File Formats When uploading files to the Website, make sure you are using the following formats for bringing in files.
Adding Google Map to your Bizzuka SiteAdding a Google Map to your Bizzuka Site in just a few steps.
Adding new pages and not updating permissions for usersForms, Custom pages or Components
Avoiding Storage overage FeesEach site package comes with 250MB of storage.  When not following Best practices of compression with images and documents, you can overload your storage which in turn will produce storage overage fees.  Check out tips that we and customers use to avoid this.
Copying Content from Microsoft WordContent Best Practice: Copying from Microsoft Word
Copying Your Web Site Whether copying a full site for historical reasons or mere curiosity (to see how a site evolves over time), the directions below work well in a variety of circumstances (but mileage may vary)
Customizing URL'sLearn how to customize URL's on pages of your site; which components have custom page URL fields and which do not
File NamesThe naming of a file can be very important for future uses of that file.  Avoid spaces and special characters like these
HyperlinkingA great attention grabber when used consistently through your site as hyper linked text words will become a different color and reverse color when hovered over to indicate a hyperlink.  Images can also be used as hyperlinks.  This visually can help attract your visitors to the selling points of your site.  Follow our best practices to help eliminate frustration for your visitor.
Inserting tables or photos that are too big break the templateYour website has a defined area to place your content text, pictures, and tables but when something is too big to fit in the content area it can push the content area into the background space in the page of the site and give the page an unprofessional, thrown-together-at-the-last-minute look and take away from the overall message of your page.
OnDeCC Terminology Learn commonly used Bizzuka OnDeCC terminology.
Securing Web PagesWebpages in Bizzuka's content management system can be password protected; however, once viewed, they can be printed. If additional protection is needed, consider Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Pro, or Acrobat Suite.
Styling and Formatting Content boldface type and using too many different fonts throughout the site can distract a reader
Web Safe Fonts Web safe fonts allow text on your site to be viewed across all major browsers. View a list of web safe fonts.
White Listing Email Addresses

We receive several issues that are centered around clients not getting the results emails from form submissions. There are several steps you can take to make sure and white list our servers in order to make sure and receive those sent emails.

Why Does Content Shift on a Page? On occasion, content on a page might shift position unexpectedly. If the page is a component (rather than a custom page, form, or survey), or if the page is the homepage with content fed from another page (such as events or news), the issue might be lint from Microsoft Office (MSO Lint).
Why Hide Email Addresses?Why does Bizzuka's system hide email addresses? Why not put them directly on a site?


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