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Have you ever had your website content copied or stolen?

So you may be wondering what you can do when someone copies or steals your content you have on your website or better yet a complete copy of your website?. There is a law that governs copyright infringement on the internet and its called the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, or DMCA for short. This law makes it relatively simple and inexpensive to have your content removed from a the infringer’s website.

Three steps you should do to have your content removed from a another website.

Step 1 - Send an email, or better yet a certified letter with a receipt acknowledgement, to the infringer

Step 2 - Find out who is hosting the infringing website (this might actually be step 1).  You can go to or other Domain look up tools, to find out the registrars information inculding email address and telephone number.

Step 3- Send a Digital Millenuim Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Notice to the host.  Here is a sample DMCA Takedown template you can use.

The above information is not to be considered legal advice, we are not attorneys.


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