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Recommended Browser


Avoid Firefox 27.0.1

2/18/2014 10:52:00 AM

Firefox 27.0.1 has form trouble. A simple action, like clicking Submit, can fail. Using the Bizzuka Editor in this version can cause frustration at times.

If you are using Firefox 27.0 or below, don't check for updates until Firefox 28 is released. If you are using Firefox 27.0.1, your best option is to use another browser until Firefox 28 is released.

Bizzuka’s goal is for OnDeCC to be supported in the most recent versions of four top browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), for both viewing and editing purposes, and we’re always working to ensure compatibility with every release of the CMS.

The generally recommended browser at this time is Mozilla Firefox (V 26), selected for its superior compatibility with the current version of OnDeCC. It is important to note that we continue to support all four major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and will continue to work on improvements to our system to better support the most recent versions of these browsers.

In order to provide the best support possible, we will publish a list of potential issues the clients may face with the four major browsers and various versions of those browsers.

Please start using Mozilla Firefox (V26) to make your Website edits and to avoid frustration with other Browsers.

If you lack administrator privileges to install Firefox on your PC, try Portable Firefox. It installs on Windows PCs without administrator privileges. It can also be installed on thumb drives as a portable browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox here
Download Portable Firefox here


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