Advanced Features & Add-Ons
Listed below are a few of our most popular Add-Ons and Advanced Design Features that are included in Bizzuka packages and also available as stand alone add-ons. This is by no means a complete list of what Bizzuka can provide, but its purpose is to serve as a snapshot of the most requested items.
Apply for Jobs through LinkedIn -
One Click Applications!
When a job seeker is ready to apply for your job opening, a simple click of this button will allow the user to instantly apply by uploading his résumé directly from LinkedIn.
Social Media Icons -
Make your presence known!
A graphic that provides an external link directly to your social media presence allowing you to keep your visitors updated with you and social networks.
Rotating Images -
What's your story?
An advanced design element such as this, can bring new life to your home page. This feature creates a modern and dynamic feel for your website.
Twitter Feed -
Have your site work for you!
A Twitter feed is a great way to use the Dynamic Features of your Website capability. Finally, a way to keep your Home Page updated, fresh and you don't have to manually do it!
Bizzuka Dynamic Feed -
It's just that simple!
If you constantly feel like you are updating your Home page with Featured News or Events-why not just update your News in one Place and have it automatically update your Home Page?
Viewing Paths -
Do you need their attention?
This feature provides a great way to entice your visitors. A number of "design elements”, as we call them, can be used to pull your user into the interior of your site.
Customized Facebook Pages -
Making social media WORK for your organization!
Our custom Facebook pages are professionally designed to match the look and feel of your Bizzuka website.



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